The Right And Wrong Of Freudian Psychological Thought

Sigmund Freud was right about a lot of things in normal human psychology, he was mostly wrong. But the thing is, we focus too much on what he was wrong about, and not so much what he was right about. When I hear about the crime pathology on news shows like “Dateline” or Forty-Eight Hours” about normal people doing crazy things, I see what Freud was right about. But to go a bit into what he was wrong about for the most part: He was wrong about heroism and abnormal human goodness that seems so rare in society. After all, he worked purely on the premise of the saying of Plato that “normal human nature cannot be trusted to do the right thing”, originally in dead language Latin of course. But working purely from that front, you can get a lot right about normal human nature, but you will also get a lot wrong about better than normal human nature, which I really want to go into in this article.

Think about it, when you see the reports of horror, crime, wrong doing and weirdness in this society, human nature seems as lost as Freud thought it was at times. But, when you get the few who look for the way out of being lost and sometimes even find it, that is when Freud is proven supremely wrong.

If happiness is found by a few people and satisfying results, they can be found by all not willing to be lazy and normal. But for most who are lost and resigned to not finding a way out, Plato and Freud were right, and the cycle of “Dateline” show type crime stories, and sneaky, silly sickening plots goes right on for them. I hope you are following me here. Reality is beautiful for the not lazy, reality is that ugly reality for the lazy and not searching.

The fact is that, laziness and getting nowhere are the keys to the door of evil normality. Real and genuine core industriousness, honesty with yourself (for starters) and realistic curiosity (that means finding how things work and making them work better in life, not destructive curiosity as Freud put it about sick sexual experimentation and the like) are the keys to genuine greatness.

So, the mind is a place to be explored in healthy ways, that is what I would like to end with. Being normal and fearful is not the way to do this. Heroism is daring to do the good in the face of the normal and fearful really, everything else is nothing but a “Freudian slip”.

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