Significance and Lessons From The Exploratory Spirit of The Renaissance Artists

Renaissance art has impacted greatly on the arts that we do today in several ways. This has increased the value and relevance of art in modern societies. It has set a path for today’s artists on how they can hone their skills in art for socio-economic development.

1. The Renaissance period was a period of Golden age of artistic expression. Artists strived to achieve perfection in all the artistic creations such as painting, sculpture, and architecture. This has raised the standard of production to a high standard for artists today.

2. Renaissance art has introduced linear and aerial perspective in art. This has greatly helped artist today in depicting or representing scenes and pictures in their correct manner.

3. Renaissance art has freed sculpture and painting from their subordination to architecture. Before the Renaissance period, architecture was seen as paramount or important than all the other forms of art. However, the Renaissance artists have made painting and sculpture parallel to architecture in terms of function and relevance.

4. Renaissance art has introduced mathematical calculations into artistic expressions such that works produced were as accurate as possible. This has deepened the appreciation of the arts that we do today.

5. Renaissance artists defined their own paths – free to express themselves through painting, sculpture, and architecture. This helped to them in developing individuality which is a sign of creativity. Artists today also imitate their fine example giving rise to several techniques and styles in the arts.

6. Renaissance artists also experimented with a lot of media ranging from organic to inorganic materials. This shining example is a challenge to young and skilled artists who try as much as possible to explore their creative prowess by trying and experimenting with a wide range of tools and materials readily available. This has resulted in the creation of functional and less costly artefacts.

7. Classical principles of beauty, balance, order, serenity, proportion, harmony and rational design reached a state of near perfection. Renaissance artists tried as much as possible to develop and expand the principles of beauty etc. that was enshrined in the antiques that the artists studied in Greece and Rome.

The renaissance artists were determined to explore and come out with new ways or methods of producing artworks in the cardinal arts in that time, thus, painting, architecture, and sculpture. That exploratory approach by the renaissance artists yielded fruits. They were able to achieve what their predecessors in the profession could not remedy such as the problems of foreshortening and perspective. Artists today must tread the path set by the ancient exploratory artists in the renaissance period and come out with viable artistic products that can best address the challenges faced in today’s modern societies.

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